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Hype Gaming members are DOMINATING online! Don't get left behind. Join the best or die like the rest.

Knowledge is power

High-quality training, coaching and online courses all in one place!

Hype Training

"Drills build skills"

Take your Call of Duty SKILLS to the next level with our weekly private and group training sessions.

Hype Coaching

"smash your goals"

Take your Call of Duty MINDSET to the next level with our weekly coaching calls designed to keep you motivated and on track to reach your personal goals.

Hype Courses

"Knowledge is power"

Take your Call of Duty KNOWLEDGE to the next level with our in-depth online courses based on 20 years of competitive FPS experience.

Hype Evaluations

"Know thy self"

Take your Call of Duty GOALSETTING to the next level with our personalized skill evaluations that help you maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.

Hype Memberships

"Lead the pack"

Take your Call of Duty COMMITMENT to the next level with our membership plans that are designed to line up with your unique individual goals.

Hype Accelerators

"Zero to hero"

Take your Call of Duty EXPERIENCE to the next level with our transformational accelerator courses that take you from zero to hero in just 6 weeks.

Meet Dutch Ultra!

“I will personally mentor you with the exact same strategies I developed to get to the top 2% of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare leaderboards!"

Head Instructor

Dutch Ultra

Thanks to 20 years of high-level experience in FPS I have become extremely effective and well-rounded.  Whether you play Call of Duty WW2, Modern Warfare, Warzone or Cold War - I can teach you everything you need to know about guns, loadouts, perks, score streaks, tactics and more!

Personal Skill Evaluation

We will help you become a LEGEND!

Book a FREE Strategy Call with Dutch Ultra!

A few minutes will save you many hours of wasted time and effort trying to figure things out on your own. We learned the hard way so you don't have to.

BluePrint GunFight 2v2 Challenge

Test your might in a 2v2 Gunfight match and win cool prizes!

We leave no soldiers behind!

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