Course curriculum

  • 1

    (MODULE 0) - Call of Duty Modern Warfare Shotguns

    • Welcome to Hype Gaming's FREE Modern Warfare Shotgun Course - OVERVIEW

    • Call of Duty Modern Warfare Shotguns (Introduction)

    • Book a FREE Strategy Call!

  • 2

    (MODULE 1) - Model 680 (pump shotgun)

    • How to run and pump on "backstreets."

    • How to put in some work at the office - active shooter situation on "Vacant"

    • How to pump and pistol enemies on "Mill Run."

    • Pump shotgun mix-up on various maps

  • 3

    (MODULE 2) - R9-0 Shotgun

    • Living like a king with the R90 on "palace."

  • 4

    (MODULE 3) - 725

    • When on vacation in rammaza make sure to bring your 725

    • The 725 is excellent for short range AND long range engagements!

    • When you add a sniper scope to your 725 to celebrate the start of hunting season, but you are still stuck at the office...

  • 5

    (MODULE 5) - VLK Rogue

    • This was my first time trying the VLK Rogue and I got the kill-cam... so I think I like it?

    • I had never played this map before so I got lost... but luckily I found a ruthless!!