Come Get Some!

  • Test Your Might

    Accept the challenge and face-off against two of the best Modern Warfare BluePrint Gunfight 2v2 players.

  • Become a Legend

    Your team will be featured on our YouTube channel and you will earn a ton of respect online.

  • Win Awesome Prizes

    Win or lose, you will be entered into our awesome give-away contest and can earn awesome prizes!

BluePrint GunFight 2v2 Challenge

So you want to challenge us, eh? In case you lose.... just remember that you asked for it!

  • Fight against 2 of the best BluePrint Gunfight players in Modern Warfare!

  • Get Featured on our YouTube Channel!

  • Automatically qualify for awesome prizes!

BluePrint GunFight 2v2 Challenge

Test your might against Dutch Ultra & ZombieGrl in a 2v2 Gunfight match and win cool prizes!

Course curriculum

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    Welcome to the Blueprint GunFight 2v2 Challenge!

    • Welcome to the Blueprint Gunfight 2v2 Challenge!

    • GunFight 2v2 Challenge - Code of Conduct

    • GunFight 2v2 Challenge - Registration Form

    • GunFight 2v2 Challenge - Book your spot!

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